The Webshop’s opening hours extended for collections on a Monday


As we don’t deliver on Mondays and open only for collections, we have more of you popping into the fridge to buy flowers on Mondays.
Of course we welcome you in, however we will need you to buy on the webshop. The reason for this is because a lot of the stock has already been purchased over the weekend for Tuesday deliveries.


The good news is we have extended the opening hours of the webshop so you can see what is available on a Monday morning and buy using your own device when you arrive at the unit, or inside there will be a laptop set up for you to use.




Saturday 10am until midnight on Monday.


If you purchase over the weekend and wish to collect on Monday, please state that you are collecting in the comments section so that we can pick your orders in advance.




8am until 11am


(This is to give us time to pick and pack your flowers)