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New brand, same us.


We are excited to share our new branding with all of you.


We felt that we needed a more cohesive look in collaboration with our partners Duyvenvoorde Flowers & Plants & the Flowervision Group.

It’s also a chance to celebrate our growth, which enables us to provide you with even more of the very best flowers, plants, and sundries.
But don’t worry, we’re still the same Flowervision Nottingham that you know and love, just with a modern new look.


Our new logo features three dots, symbolizing our core values: Growth, Connection, and Products.
Growth goes beyond the flourishing of flowers and plants; it signifies business expansion, aligning with our mission to support our clients’ growth.


Connection, between Duyvenvoorde Flowers & Plants, Flowervision Nottingham, the Dutch auctions, and the FLV Group as a whole, reflects the streamlined full-service process. Lastly, the dots visually represent our diverse products, which include Flowers, Plants, and Sundries.


Over the coming weeks, we will roll out our new branding. We can’t to show you the rest of it!


Team Flowervision Nottingham